Allies & Secret Friends Amulets Item ID: #292

Allies & Secret Friend for MONKEY


Product Information:

Have your allies and secret friend near you. They will help you achieve the best results in whatever you do. They will assist you in challenging times and protect you from harm. This trinket is made of natural jade which is the earth element and of use in period 8. Hang one on your handphone or have one in your bag or in your pocket to help you have a smooth and fruitful life.

Item Description

Allies & Secret Friend  for MONKEY

The Allies for MONKEY are Dragon and Rat. The secret friend of the MONKEY is Snake.

Your horoscope friends, allies and secret friend, will give some help even if it is predicted that the year ahead holds many obstacles.

Length:12.7CM Width:1.6CM Weight:7.13GM
Made: Natural Jade & Silk thread
Note: As the item is made of natural jade or crystal and handcrafted, the colour, texture, size and shape of each item will vary from piece to piece.