Jade Amulets

Jade Pixiu

In Chinese mythology, the Pixiu is known as the 9th descendant of the Dragon King. It is believed to have strong powers of attracting wealth and protecting its owner. It offers protection against negative energy. In addition, it helps you to overcome obstalces, attract wealth and increase income. The Natural Jade Pixiu has the power to overcome conflicts with the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui). Have one in your pocket or bag or hang one on your mobile phone to protect you as well as to attract wealth.

$ 20

Pixiu on Celetial Bell (终 生 有 福)

The Pixiu on the Celestial Bell, 终 生 有 福, phonetically symbolises a life full of riches, tied together with the 8 treasures crystals will help to usher in 8 types of auspicious luck: Career Luck, Prosperity Luck, Scholastic Luck, Peach Blossom Luck, Health Luck, Longevity Luck, Speculative Luck and Descendant Luck.

$ 168

Prosperity Peanut Amulet

The peanut (huasheng 花生) is an auspicious symbol because its second character (sheng 生) means to "give birth". Peanut is a plant associated with longevity.The peanut thus symbolizes the wish for many children. The peanut also represents the birth of prosperity. It signifies continuous growth and multiplication in wealth and good fortune. The Groundnut is carved from natural jade and as jade is a strong representation of earth energy, it synchronizes with the base element of Period 8, thereby making it most potent. Get this trinket to hang it on your handphone and bag to enhance your wealth and good health.

$ 28

Double Hulu Amulet

The Double Hulu is the immortality gourd associated with the God of Longevity. It is said to bring good health and a sense of well being by deflecting negative energies.

$ 18

Jade Cicada Trinklet

Jade Cicada for Protection and Immortality. Cicada is regarded as the symbol of long life, happiness and eternal youth due to its intrinsic properties of being the longest living insect; it lives for as long as up to 20 over years. The Jade Cicada is the best emblem of immortality and protection against office politics. It is of great help to those who need to guard themselves from jealous and scheming colleagues or competitors. The Cicada is carved from jade and as jade is also a strong representation of earth energy, it synchronizes with the base element of Period 8, thereby making it most potent.

$ 12.8

Twelve Zodiac Animal Jade Trinket

Hang this Twelve Zodiac Animal trinket on your handphone, on your bag and anywhere in your bedroom or office to attract good friendships and benefactors. When the Twelve Zodiac animals come together it represent harmony. This trinket brings harmony in relationships within the home and the work place. It also provides protection from negativity, promotes luck and enhance support and success in your pursuits. Get this Twelve Zodiac Animal natural jade trinket to ensure your success and well being.

$ 24.8

Jade Mandarin Ducks

A pair of Mandarin Ducks in natural jade tied together enhances relationships and brings harmony. Carrying them also attract romance into your life. Mandarin Ducks traditionally also symbolizes conjugal bliss. Have this trinket on your bag or pocket or mobile phone to help you improve your relationship and networking luck. If you are looking for romance, then this is a must have as it attracts romance into your life.

$ 12.8

Jade Ruyi Trinket

The Ruyi is known as a scepter of power and authority. It symbolizes smooth sailing and happy events. Carry to improve ones leadership and charisma on your way up the ladder to success.

$ 13.8

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